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Leverage Your Brand with Smart Marketing

A roadmap to media in advertising

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Advertising Workbook

You have a brand, but how do you market it?

Knowing what to do with an established brand is no easy task. Whether you’re looking to ramp up sales, attract leads, or make your brand a household name, advertising can be the key to getting there.

This workbook will walk you through the first few steps of utilizing advertising to achieve your goals.

You’ll learn how to

  • Set clear goals and metrics to gauge success
  • Establish a budget to support your campaign
  • Identify the appropriate media channels
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Advertising in Use

Advertising can be a powerful tool when the proper steps are taken to set it up.

An increase in store traffic

Our retail client saw an increase in foot traffic of 13.3% after initiating hyper-local digital advertising.

Exceeding ticket sales goals

An event based client utilized a mix of digital and traditional media to exceed their ticket sales goal by 122%.