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A Curious Christmas

An unconventional exchanging of gifts

What happens when you place a bid on 5 boxes filled with mystery Amazon returns and win.

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For our annual Holiday Party, we decided to shake things up from our typical Dirty Santa present exchange. $250 and less than 24 hours later, 5 boxes of mystery Amazon returns appeared in the lobby of Fieldtrip. For 5 days, they taunted us as we walked past them. Anticipation built with every “What’s in the box” movie quote we heard throughout the day.

The mystery was finally revealed last night, as our employees dug through the 59 items in search of a diamond in the rough. Things got intense… and a little awkward. Here are some highlights and superlatives.

The Underdog – The hand vacuum went home with the lucky Veronica. I guess it didn’t suck after all! 

The Leanest & Meanest – George Foreman grill in mint condition OG packaging.

The “I don’t know what the hell I’m going to do with this” Item –  A box of 100 plastic ball pit balls. The lizard heat lamp taking honorable mention for the category.

Most Random – A boat faucet. Interested in purchasing? Contact MelSecond place goes to the goat tube… a spandex “shirt” for a goat. 

Most Sought After  – Men’s Marmot Jacket with a slight tear – but like Andrew says, “it’s nothing that some black electrical tape can’t fix.” Stolen twice. The last steal by Jenna being the most dramatic moment of the night… if looks could kill.

The Biggest Let Down – The broken salt lamp…bummer.

Most Useful – Ceiling vent. Surprisingly, Amy is in the market for a bathroom ceiling vent for her new home. 

Most Stylish – A waterproof yellow hat. Anyone else getting Gorton’s Fisherman vibes?

The Gift That’s Already in Use – Peep n’ Peepers. These spooky, flashing eyes can be spotted near Vance’s desk.

“We’re Still Not Sure What This Is” Gift – What seems to be black foam-like tubing?

When it was all over and no one was quite sure how to feel…

At the end of the day, it was just five boxes of stuff. What really mattered was the quality time we spent away from the office and with each other. Happy holidays from the Fieldtrip team!


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