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The 2018 Fieldtrip Holiday Gift Guide

16 perfect gift ideas to please even the ‘Grinchiest’ recipient.

We asked folks from each of our departments what would make a great gift this holiday season. The following is a small compendium of thoughtful gifts for every flavor.

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Ah, the holiday gift guide. Whether it be the SEARS Wish Book or Wirecutteras consumers, we have always loved thumbing and scrolling through the year’s best bargains, new tech, and latest styles. In fact, total holiday retail sales are expected to exceed $1.1 trillion this year, an increase of over 5%, and e-commerce sales are expected to rise by nearly 20%.

While we can’t account for every taste and trend here at Fieldtrip—our team take their roles as design-focused changemakers very seriously, especially when it comes to giving (and receiving) the perfect gift. Whether it be a new-to-market product, a once-in-a-lifetime experience or maybe even a charitable “non-gift”, you’ll find plenty of unique options below. 

1. TableTopics Original – 10th Anniversary Edition: Questions to Start Great Conversations

“It is the moments with others that matter. Even when surrounded by those we love most or with friends or co-workers we struggle to be present and live in the moment. Start a conversation with an unexpected question and you create memories that matter.”
Jane Pfeiffer, Founder and President

2. Death Wish Coffee

“Nothing says Happy Holidays like a bag of high octane go-go juice. With an extra large bag of super strength beanage you’re sure to get those insertion orders to your reps, get traffic out, complete that small market radio buy, research that new market, complete the quarterly recap, plan for the next quarter, and finish all those pesky invoices done in no time at all.”
Hope Schiphorst, Media Coordinator

3. AWAY Bigger Carry-on

“This Away bag is at the top of my list this year because I’ve got a trip planned to Europe next spring. I’ve been eyeing these bags for a long time since they are beautifully designed. This suitcase is a great gift for anyone who loves to travel because it is larger than a typical carry-on but is still small enough to take on the plane.”
Amy Woods, Art Director

4. Imogene + Willie Socks

“Spending 13 years in Nashville, I got to witness the shift from Music City to It City. One of the catalysts was Imogene + Willie—a custom denim boutique in the trendy 12 South neighborhood. They have since gone on to create shirts, jewelry, home goods and one-of-a-kind items. Each piece they carry is meticulously designed by the owners and a departure from run-of-the-mill clothing companies. The aesthete in me wants one of everything, but their socks are both affordable and stylish. Get a pair for the designer on your list and you’ll be their favorite gifter.”
David Higdon, Creative Director

5. A Water Buffalo

“Get someone a water buffalo! Or a cow, or a goat! My mom got me this gift a few years ago and it’s one of my all-time favorites. You can help fund an animal or a project for small-scale farmers around the world through Heifer International. They work to help these farmers, especially women, in ways that increase their self-reliance and livelihood, provide food security, and benefit the environment. Giving a charitable gift on behalf of a friend is a great way to give a meaningful gift to someone who’s hard to shop for.”
Andrew Spalding, Assoc. Creative Director

6. Kentucky State Parks Vacation Gift Card

“Kentucky State Park vacation/gift card. I absolutely love visiting Kentucky State Parks. Each one is unique and changes with the seasons. I have been going to them since I was a kid. I’ve visited almost every one of them, but keep being drawn back to a favorite few. Plus they have cool new t-shirts .”
Doris Irwin, Senior Media Planner and Buyer

7. “Ugly Children” Coffee Mug

“I love being a mom and it has been my favorite job title I’ve ever had. I do love coffee mugs even though I don’t drink coffee, but do have an occasional tea. I love eating oatmeal out of a mug. It just doesn’t taste as good in a bowl. I think this would make a nice gift because everyone likes mugs/shirts/glasses, etc. that have funny quotes. And what parent doesn’t worry that they are going to get an ugly kid! I’m very fortunate that my babies are adorbs!”
Veronica Johnson Idle, Media Director

8. Ranch Dressing Fountain

Why this is the best gift ever for me: As Fieldtrip’s resident ranch dressing connoisseur (get at me @ranch_blessings on Instagram), there’s nothing I’ve wanted more than the ultimate party companion, the ranch fountain. I’d put a big vat of Cheddar’s ranch in it and tote it around to every gathering with me until the day it dies. With this ranch fountain, my pals and I could dip whatever our hearts desire – pizza, fries, chips, potato skins, Twinkies, chicken tenders, pickles and more.
Jenna Morales, Account Supervisor

9. Framebridge

“The easiest way to get anything you want to be framed. Digitally upload a photo, choose a frame, get it delivered, hang it on the wall and then smile. Bring someone’s favorite photo to a wall near them”
Marissa Olson, Field Coordinator

10. Krzysztok Nowak’s FUTURO DARKO poster series

“If you know me, you know that I like all kinds of illustrative oddities. Whether it be retro horror or dystopian sci-fi I enjoy the world-building that goes into making these pieces and bringing an alternate universe to life. Polish-born, Krzysztok Nowak’s FUTURO DARKO poster series captures everything I love about the mad-max inspired, lawless wastelands. The colors and style are palpable to the point where I want adult swim to make this into a TV series. If you know someone who enjoys weird, nightmare sci-fi as much as I do, then these posters should scratch that itch this holiday season.:
Fraser Ward, Designer

11. Cosmo

“It shouldn’t come to any surprise that I LOVE new tech. I usually start my mornings by visiting various new/blog sources focused around new emerging tech products. I remember the day that I first came across Cozmo. The intro video about Cozmo gave me all the feels. He reminds me of a real-life Wall-E (there’s my Pixar connection for everything I discuss). I was amazed at how much personality Cozmo could have using that tiny little screen and his animated pixel eyes. Also, the way he moves and uses his life arm gives him a human-like quality, especially when he is upset. Not only is Cozmo programmed to learn, YOU can learn to program Cozmo, therefore, learning a very valuable skill while interacting with this charming little robot.”
Carl Michel, Creative Technology Director

12. Amazon Echo Show

“I have that weird family that’s strangely obsessed with each other, spending a lot of time together as often as we can. However, over the last few years, my we’ve become more and more spread out, with myself and my parents living in the same city but my sisters living in Cincinnati, OH and Jackson, Wy. Recently my dad gifted us all with the Amazon Echo Show so we could all feel a little closer together, and “see” each other more often. It’s something I would love to gift everyone I love, as it’s been super awesome for everyone in my family. We can now carve pumpkins with my sister in Wyoming, or let my sister in Cincinnati chat with my daughter while she’s baking a cake for grandpa. Plus, who doesn’t need Alexa helping them find music to listen to while they cook, read them the news in the morning, or rattle of the game scores from the night before!”
Michelle Buchanan, Field Supervisor

14. RIF6 Cube Projector

“This little cube can do a lot of things. It fits in the palm of your hand and can project a 120in display literally anywhere! I will most likely be using it for outdoor movie nights in the summer, or as a guide to project designs when painting murals. Just plug it into any phone, tablet, or laptop and boom… you basically have a big screen TV.”
Ashley Trommler, Assoc. Creative Director

15. Bose QuietComfort 35 Wireless Headphones

“I absolutely love music and sound quality is extremely important to me and I’m a fan of Bose products. I have Bose sport earbuds and think they’re amazing and two types of Bose sound docks which produce outstanding sound for their size. I’ve wanted a pair of wireless noise-canceling headphones for a long time and the Bose QuietComfort 35 Wireless Headphones II is exactly what I want!”
Lisa Cox, Senior Accountant

16. Wwake Jewelry

“If you have a few extra pennies to spare – anything from my favorite jewelry designer: Wwake. The line was launched 5 years ago by a 30-year old woman named Wing Yau, and I try to support young, female-owned businesses as much as possible. Not only is her jewelry stunning and unique, but it’s ethically sourced, conflict-free and made in New York. Read how she’s leading the charge on sustainable mining here.”
Annaliese Kerman, Field Executive

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