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Together We Can Flourish Mural

Coming together to create something much larger than oneself.

|Flour·ish| grow or develop in a healthy or vigorous way, especially as the result of a particularly favorable environment

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Taking quick walk breaks is a habit I try to incorporate into my work day. Whether it’s to seek out inspiration, grab coffee or just take time to clear my head of the stresses waiting for me at my desk, those 15 minutes never fail to improve my work once I return.

It was one of these walks, in early 2015, that sparked an idea that unbeknownst to me, would come to fruition almost a year and a half later. The inspiration was a simple tiled façade on South 4th Street. My immediate reaction was to outfit it with a pixel-like mural. I presented the idea to Nathan, our creative director, to get his thoughts. Nathan embraced Fieldtrip’s adhocracy culture and gave me a day off to fully flesh out the idea and “go for it”!


After hours upon hours of concept work, sketching & designing, the idea of the “Flourish Mural” was born.


The word flourish is already strong on it’s own, but adding “Together We Can” transforms it to a much more powerful message. This phrase opens the door for some wide interpretation. It can be as small as surrounding yourself with positive people and in return, growing together and building each other up to accomplish personal goals, OR it could be as big as an entire city coming together to create something much larger than oneself.


The final home for the mural was not on the original tiled façade from my morning walk in 2015. Better yet, it rests upon the walls of our collaborators who helped make this project happen: Louisville Visual Art. Every morning, people who share the similar vision to engage, inspire, and improve our community through the arts, are welcomed with this lovely reminder.


Located in the Portland neighborhood at 1538 Lytle Street.

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