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Jane Pfeiffer is the President and Founder of Fieldtrip, a marketing and branding agency specializing in amplifying nonprofits and the impact they make.

Through this series, you'll learn how:

  • Impact more people through your organization’s mission.
  • Focus on influencing hearts, to further your cause.
  • Make a stronger impact with your marketing and outreach budget.

There's a lot of heart in this company that comes through in a lot of different ways... Fieldtrip expressed a connection to our mission that shone in both the website design process and the end product. Fieldtrip went the extra mile for our clients experiencing homelessness, because they understood how important it was for them to access these services.

Fieldtrip really cared about our mission, and they were bought in very early. Their entire team felt a connection with what we were trying to do and, because of that, they went above and beyond for us in the spirit of ending child abuse.