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Green + Halliburton

When Green + Halliburton, a benefits and financial consulting firm, based in Louisville, Kentucky, came to us in 2014, they lacked a solid brand identity. By working closely with their team, we were able to unearth the foundation and core values necessary to create a unique brand that stands out against other similar industry firms.

"The Dog Logo"

Commonly known around our office as "The Dog Icon," this image boldly paints the picture of who Green + Halliburton is, and the relationship they form with their clients by epitomizing professionalism, family, loyalty and compassion. Dogs are a common symbol of loyalty and protection, often becoming an extension of the family. Green + Halliburton embodies these traits for its customers.

A brand with Legs, Literally

This one-of-a-kind mark captures Green + Halliburton's brand essence and is unique in its field.

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