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The Voitress team, the minds behind Indatus, located in Four Rose’s old distillery space in Louisville, Kentucky planned to develop a new telephony product within the Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) market. With the product set to launch in the summer of 2016, they needed was a name, branding and a marketing plan.

The telephony VOIP market already has a lot of big players, like Ring Central, 8x8 and Grasshopper, so it was vital to stand out among a jam-packed crowd.

We began to focus on the idea of “humanizing business communications.” Many of Spoke’s competitors felt cold and unapproachable like a giant desk phone with a million buttons no one knows how to use. Spoke was simple, from interfaces to contracts, the central idea of the Brand was ease of use. The Brand developed around the idea that communication is human first, technology second. Spoke customers were looking for the product that allowed them to communicate on their terms with the desired tool.

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