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January 24, 2024

Beyond Donor Demos: How Attitudes Shape the Decision to Give

Beyond Donor Demos: How Attitudes Shape the Decision to Give

New Research Helps Nonprofits Leverage Donor Attitudes to Raise Funds and Increase Engagement

“The effort we put into fundraising doesn’t match the outcomes.” It’s a familiar story for many nonprofits. The public seems less willing than ever to donate, volunteer, raise funds, or advocate for a cause. But is this true? What defines how people think about nonprofit missions and programming, and what can nonprofit leaders do to influence their support? Is there a roadmap for success we all seem to be missing?

We found the answers to these questions (and more) through a qualitative 2023 research study from active donors across the United States.  Our upcoming webinar on February 20, 2024, shares the results, answering common concerns facing nonprofit leaders and staff:

  • What do donor attitudes reveal that demographics miss?
  • How does empathy impact the decision to give? 
  • What role does empathy play in choosing who and how to support? 

Our team partnered with the quantitative research firm Audience Audit to conduct proprietary attitudinal segmentation research that addresses these questions. We surveyed 400 supporters nationwide who give to charities or community social welfare organizations. 

Attitudes vs. Demographics – Join Us to Learn How Empathy Impacts Your Bottom Line

Our research identified three supporter attitudinal segments, Empathetic Supporters, Skeptical Supporters, and Disconnected Supporters, that define motivations for giving and the best ways to communicate with them. Our webinar will explore what identifiers define these attitudes, what the research indicated about the ways to motivate them, and how an understanding of attitude can impact your messaging, marketing, and fundraising outcomes. Most of all, you’ll understand how empathy impacts the decision to support—and how you can take advantage of this new reality. 

Questions the Research Answers

This webinar can offer clarity if you have questions like those below. You’ll explore how research-based “attitudinal audits” define your supporter mindsets and can influence your branding, web development, and communications. We help you answer these questions and tailor the takeaways to your unique mission.

  • What do donors need to know about my cause before they donate?
  • What are the issues donors care about most?
  • How can I make the public better understand my mission?
  • Why do only certain types of supporters fund my cause?
  • Should I rely on numbers or stories when marketing?
  • Why do my supporters stop donating or volunteering? 

Continue the Conversation! For more conversation and ideas on achieving your mission with less friction, check out our weekly video series, Mission Multiplier, or schedule a complimentary consultation with Jane Pfeiffer, Founder & President of Fieldtrip.