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February 17, 2022

Mission Multiplier: From Hero to Zero

Jane Pfeiffer

I’m Jane Pfeiffer, founder and president of Fieldtrip. And welcome to the first of a weekly series of helping nonprofits help others. When you’re starting something new, like this video series, you feel like a zero. There’s so much that you don’t know and it makes you feel nervous, anxious. And I pray that this gets easier, and very quickly. As nonprofit leaders, you tend to run away from that feeling. I think that’s human nature. We are far more comfortable in the areas where our knowledge is strong and it feels more known. And, you know, frankly, we’re the hero in that area.

But there’s so much power in staying in that uncomfortable space where you are the zero and somebody else might be the hero. So think about how you can spend time away from your office, away from the desk, and with people that perhaps your nonprofit benefits. Buy somebody breakfast, have coffee with a team member that you don’t work directly with, or just go somewhere where you can listen and observe. Don’t be the hero and be in control, but really sit and listen. That’s where you can find magical insights that can inform your strategy for operations, business, and especially marketing, giving you a little peep at how you can better communicate the importance of your mission and how it impacts everybody’s world and why everybody should invest. So put yourself in that position, listen and learn and thank you for tuning in this week, and I’ll see you next week.