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January 31, 2023

Mission Multiplier: Recession-Proof Your Mission. Revolt, Reinvent, Rebound, Recover

Jane Pfeiffer

Hello. I’m Jane Pfeiffer, president and founder of Fieldtrip. You know, the average day, there’s a lot to do. And as hard as we work, the list just seems to get longer. So who wants to spend the time and energy to talk about a recession? I’d like to put it away in a cold, dark corner and pretend it’s never coming, but, well, that’s bad advice. We have to look at the tough questions. How bad could it get? What might the impact be? How will it differ from past tough times? And is there anything that I should be doing now to help weather this storm? That’s our responsibility as leaders to protect our mission, our organization, and, most importantly, the people that we serve.

On Thursday, February 16th at noon Eastern and 11 Central, we’re going to take this topic on head first. Now, I don’t have the answers to those questions, but I do have some thoughts about how we make intentional choices rather than avoiding or denying that tough times may be ahead. We can’t afford to think that way. So we’re going to take the first 15 minutes to talk about the impending recession and whether we need to revolt, reinvent and rebound, or, heaven forbid, recover from the recession. Then we’ll turn to questions and answers so we can all learn and grow together because we don’t have a choice. We had to look at tough topics like this and decide how to best prepare. Join us Thursday, February 16th at noon Eastern at See you there.