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May 17, 2022

Mission Multiplier – The Millennial vs Gen Z Myth: Support

Jane Pfeiffer

Hello. I’m Jane Pfeiffer, founder and president at Fieldtrip. And welcome to Mission Multiplier. This is where we talk about concepts and tactics that help you as a nonprofit leader. Close the gap between the people that you serve and support and those you are asking for their support of your mission. So today we’re continuing to talk about the myths of today’s newer generations, millennials and Gen Z’s.

Yes, they’re really different, but different is good. As long as you know that they are willing to adapt, our time and resources as nonprofit leaders is stretched really thin. And it’s tempting when you’re trying to connect with a new donor or volunteer to focus on efficiency and speed as opposed to planting small seeds that lead to relationships that may take months to bear any reward.

In the nonprofit world, this often shows up as an instant request to give. The moment they discover us on social media, it’s three things that we’re asking them to do and give us. But for millennials and Gen Z adults, the line between their wallet and their dollars and their time is very blurred. Both have tangible real value, and they’re not going to part with either unless they have a good reason.

It’s not going to come out of a sense of guilt or obligation. So before you ask them for something, you’d better give them something. And that gift is really simply a reason to believe. Why should they believe that your organization can make a difference? How will you deliver on that promise and will their world be better because of what you’re doing?

And if they were to support you, will they be able to feel the impact of that support? To make a long story short, you have to give before you get.