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Director of Strategy and Integration, She/Her

Melody Niemann Partain

If there was a happy little place where creativity, function, organization, and an abundance of house plants all live—Melody would be the colonizer. She is our creative technology strategist, three words that together sound like an oxymoron—but Melody not only makes it work, she makes it work seamlessly. Mel is responsible for website strategy, user experience, and project management, and maintains measuring and reporting after the sites are launched. It takes no small amount of reliability and attention to the tiny details to get all this done, and we know we can rely on Melody to deliver in spades. Melody lives by the mantra of more experiences, less stuff—and she brings this thinking to each project she is a part of. It’s difficult to imagine all the pieces involved in building robust web experiences without Melody at the helm, charting the course.

Melody Partain close up

Favorite place in Louisville

Plant shopping at Mahonia

Favorite place you've traveled

Florence, Italy or Amsterdam

Least Favorite Food


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