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When playing bridge, it is all about the strategy and taking tricks. To master the game, players learn through new ‘hands” from directions found in a book or passed from player to player. Bridgebee created an app allowing users to purchase curated practice ‘hands’ from renowned authors. These guided walkthroughs are far more interactive than the original books, with nothing on the market like it.

Brand Identity UI/UX design


Welcoming and accessible to all

The bridge audience is largely an older population. This was concerning as this audience is generally skeptical of online platforms. Additionally, they were looking to expand to a younger demographic, widening the potential reach of the product. Bridgebee needed to become a service welcoming new players of all ages while not alienating longtime fans.


Blurring the lines between physical and digital

To make users feel like the brand was rooted in the real world and tap into a sense of trust and familiarity, an identity was developed to give an illusion that everything you see is cut from paper—from the bee icon to the back of the playing cards. Careful thought and attention was put into each piece of the Bridgebee brand to apply this approach consistently across all applications.


The future of Bridge

The Bridgebee brand shaped the app UX and was enthusiastically implemented across all platforms. The Bridgebee team is currently debuting their new identity at trade shows while developing the app and website for release in the near future.

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AAF Addys People’s Choice Award: Brand Identity AAF Addys Gold: Brand Identity AAF Addys Silver: Logo Design
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It has been a long journey, but so rewarding. Everyone who sees that app comments first on how beautiful and well designed it is. I can't thank you enough!

Mary Maier