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Decoding and wrangling machine learning languages and artificial intelligence, Certilytics is a software company that creates predictive modeling for healthcare professionals and insurance providers. After years of building and testing, the company was ready to launch and secure a piece of the global $18.7B healthcare analytics business. The Certilytics team, however, needed help to simplify the complexity of their products and services.

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Give a new market player a new face

As Certilytics moved out of product development and into commercialization, they needed to signal that they were a serious player in the predictive data analytics field with tested experience and strong financial backing. The new brand needed to be simple, engaging and approachable.

Certilytics business cards


From complexity comes simplicity

Fieldtrip reviewed Certilytic’s pitch decks, sales approach, product functionality, competitive landscape and the best practices and trends in the industry. We conducted dozens of interviews with the Certilytics team members and customers and attended a competitor’s trade show. Based on our findings, the brand platform and dynamic brand identity distill models of machine learning into shapes and icons that can be used interchangeably. Using this visual language, Certilytics would stand out from competitors by relying on minimalist illustrations, color, and a fluid identity.

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A suite of products

Prospective customers now easily understand what Certilytics does and how they are different. The offerings are grouped into service lines and stand-alone products, with each receiving their own identity while still working under the larger brand umbrella. The design appears friendly and welcoming, but also intelligent and authoritative. As Certilytics opens its doors, they are confident and focused and look just as good, if not better, than the big guys.