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Girls With Guts: Brand Expansion and Website

Girls with Guts is a community that empowers women with inflammatory bowel disease and ostomies to live full lives and advocate for themselves.

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Fighting isolation

Having IBD or an ostomy as a woman is an isolating experience. Often viewed as taboo, it can be difficult to find support and get the care you need. This is not something that can be cured—these women live with the impact of their diagnosis every day.

Girls with Guts is an extensive resource for women with IBD. However, their existing site was difficult to manage and navigate, hiding the content their audience desperately needs and struggling to reach more women. Their brand voice took a painful subject and made it playful, but the visual representation of the brand online did not align with their personality.


An intuitive web experience to bring people together

Girls with Guts was already doing the heavy lifting creating a community and curating inspiring content that brings women together, empowering them to advocate for themselves, and educating them on the impact of their diagnosis. Our focus was on organizing the content and getting it in front of the people who needed it.

Easy to use search and filtering features were added to the Girls with Guts blog. The ability to easily add testimonials and blogs to relevant content brought a human element throughout the site, always reminding the audience that they are not alone.

Lastly, to solidify the community feel, we recommended the addition of a free membership to the site. This provided an actionable step for the user to ‘join the community’ and also allowed Girls with Guts to grow their list of people relevant to their mission.


Get help now

The website is now an easy-to-use tool for Girls with Guts. Their entirely volunteer-run organization is able to easily expand their knowledge database online and increase their impact. Visitors to the site visit more pages and spend more time on the site.