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Resurfaced “Neato” Mural: Design, Illustration, and Production

ReSurfaced was part of the Louisville City Collaborative, an urban program that utilized underused or desolate city spaces as a laboratory. Here, they created and transformed such lots into vibrant locations that improve the sustainability, health and community appeal for everyone.

Environmental Design Design Production


Create something that engages people

Louisville City Collaborative approached Fieldtrip to help transform a vacant lot into a usable, and beautiful, pop-up space. We were tasked with creating a focal point for the revitalized urban area, specifically, an engaging mural that could serve as a place for community activation, allowing people to come together, collaborate, create and celebrate.

Neato Mural in Louisville


A word evoking unapologetic optimism

Though collaborative conversation, we landed on one word: NEATO. It made sense. The word NEATO embodied the overall concept of Resurfaced: people making desolate spaces “neat.” Previously a vacant lot, it became a space where people would come together for soccer games, music, art, and other community events. On a sunny afternoon, our creative team, armed with brushes and paint, spent the day together for a good cause, building on our own sense of comradery in the process.


From outdoor mural to a market art installation

Although the ReSurfaced project has since passed, our mural will live on, as the newly opened Logan Street Market is using the cargo container as part of their decor. The word NEATO will continue to show people the optimism and positive energy of change and imagination.

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American Advertising Federation (AAF) Addy Silver American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA) Award