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Space Tango

Space Tango utilizes on-orbit research and development to manufacture health and technology products, creating a better future for humanity. By utilizing automated systems in space, they open new opportunities in microgravity by bridging their clients’ industry with aerospace.

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Make outer space attainable

While Space Tango had a strong brand and a bright future, their website was complex and challenging to navigate. They positioned themselves on the more accessible side of the Low Earth Orbit (LEO) category, however, their verbiage and content were barriers for their niche audience—interested businesses with little experience in microgravity research and manufacturing.

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Benefit life on earth with science in space

We dove deep into on-orbit manufacturing with the client to understand its impact on our future. While the services and expertise the Space Tango team provides are highly specialized, the website needed to highlight the ease of research and development in space with Space Tango as your partner. This accessible positioning was a differentiator in the market and mirrors Space Tango’s relationship with their clients. Bold colors and photography accentuate their cutting-edge tech, creating a sleek website focusing on motion and interactivity, highlighting the possibilities Space Tango creates with their clients. By removing the obstacle of understanding complicated technology, the consumer is able to focus simply on their end goals and vision.

The Results

The promise of aerospace research today for the benefit of life on Earth, forever

The interactive and approachable design is being used by the Space Tango team to create new marketing opportunities. Their new site shines a light on the possibilities of on-orbit manufacturing to those both deeply familiar, and totally new to the field. Since launch, the average consumer on the Space Tango website spends about 25% more time on the site, visiting 30% more pages. This gives more opportunity to the Space Tango team to demonstrate their commitment to the betterment of mankind.

Quote Marks

Our company’s close partners have told us that
the website looks fantastic and it represents a
deeper meaning of our story. Meanwhile, the
general public has informed us that the site is
beautiful, detailed, and tells a passionate story.

–Danielle Rosales, Communications Manager