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W•R Realtors

After 30 years spent building a vibrant realty business, Wakefield Reutlinger just had one thing holding them back, an outdated brand. Enter Fieldtrip—the team to help them rebrand, attract top talent, and garner the business of millennial home buyers.

Initial research revealed that the difficult pronunciation of “Reutlinger” made recognizing the brand, and its people, tough. Our solution: formally abbreviate their company name to WR Realtors. This seemingly small tweak made a big impact, helping the agent and homebuyer’s relationship start off on the right foot.

Embracing a Boutique Concept

More research revealed that WR agents consistently delivered a tailored customer experience that far exceeded the status quo. We learned that these realtors were motivated by customer contentedness over commission. This unique relationship had to be at the forefront of the new brand. By fusing warmth with a minimalist feel, we began positioning WR as a boutique agency.

Your Logo is a Whaaat?

Fieldtrip Art director, Ashley Trommler, crafted a dandelion as the mark to represent the lifelong relationships WR agents build with their clients. Similar to this flower, a homeowner’s needs evolve over time. Like a breeze of wind carrying each seed to its new home to take root and bloom—WR agents will guide every stage of the home-buying process.

Dipped in Yellow

The yard sign is often a realty group’s first impression. After experimenting with several layouts, we designed the signs using a two-tone split. With this new layout, the three formerly disparate sections became one solid piece, encouraging the realtors’ information to flow uninterrupted.

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