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March 19, 2020

Don’t Go Brand Silent

Jane Pfeiffer

There are no hard and fast rules to steward your brand through a global pandemic – we are all experiencing this together. If you don’t know what to say, then, by all means, be quiet. However, if your product, service, or more importantly your brand will want to do business during and after this period of uncertainty, then it’s time to figure out what to say, and fast.

  1. Step back, way back. Sit and listen to what your audience is saying. What are their worries? Ask questions of your own employees and best customers. These worries are likely not directly related to what you make or the service you provide. Dig deep until you are immersed in the emotions of the audience and not the operations of your business.
  2. Put on blinders. This is not the time to wait and see what the competition is doing. Brand leaders do just that, lead. The news and reality are changing daily so think ahead. How will your brand be relevant when the closures are no longer being announced but are old news? What relevant need will resonate with your audience? How can you support that need and demonstrate action that is selfless? Do it now before someone else does.
  3. Make a promise and keep it. Your brand is not about you or what you do. It is always about the problem or desires of your audience. Are your customers worried about seniors in need of meals, how to keep the kids entertained, job security, or productivity in a remote work setting? Carefully select a need and put the power of your brand to work supporting that need in a respectful, selfless, and continued way. Make that promise and then keep it for however long this economic hibernation lasts.

Using your brand in support of others will put you in a stronger recovery position. Listen, learn, then take action from the heart, leading with love and strategy. Want to talk it through? We’re all ears and happy to help. Schedule time here.