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March 25, 2020

Give Your Customers Control

Jane Pfeiffer

When we lose control, or more realistically the illusion that we have control, our emotions take over. The instinct is to buckle down and reduce the grey area. Force that instinctive reaction to the back of your mind. Instead, put your customers first. What can you do today, literally not figuratively, that will give them certainty? It’s not an email about your COVID-19 preparations. That is assumed. Certainty in these times looks like solid advice or new offerings. Our advice to licensees of a national furniture brand includes:

  1. Front Door No-Contact Delivery: Introduce “front door delivery” for free or at a reduced rate. Customers can still shop online and take delivery while keeping a safe physical distance from the delivery team.
  2. Flexible Payments: As furniture is ordered in advance, create flexible payment options to recent buyers to demonstrate sensitivity and reduce the chance of a canceled sale.
  3. Wishes and Wants: Reach out to your best customers. They are stuck at home either enjoying their newest purchase or wishing they could replace what they have. Thank them genuinely. Is there anything they need now? What do they want most? When would they like it?

Using your brand to support others will put you in a stronger recovery position. Listen, learn, then take action from the heart, leading with love and strategy. Want to talk it through? We’re all ears and happy to help. Schedule time here.