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Senior Art Director, She/Her

Amy Chea

Early morning. You’re looking out over a calm body of water. Tranquility washes over you. You are relaxed and inspired. This is the feeling clients and peers get when working with Amy Chea. Inspirations are realized. Problems are solved. Amy harnesses her power over creative and design and balances it with a cool business process. She’s canvassed the artistic space from hand-painted murals and one-of-a-kind brand identities to designing full-scale websites and complex apps. She does all this with serene confidence and reliability that we not only admire, we depend on. If things ever get sideways, as they’re prone to do, it’s Amy’s coolheadedness, flexibility, and methodology for problem-solving that gets us all back on track. In addition to her duties for Fieldtrip, Amy has taught children’s dance for 15 years and also enjoys kayaking and biking. She’s also one of our most prolific international travelers, having recently been to both the Philippines and touring Europe with her new husband—they were engaged in Paris, no less.

Amy Woods close up

Favorite place you’ve traveled

Cinque Terre, Italy

Favorite movie

Mamma Mia

Favorite Food

Margherita Pizza

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