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Creative Director, He/Him

Andrew Spalding

Andrew tackles every creative and business challenge with the same tenacity and competitive demeanor that he brings to everything he does—whether it be rock climbing, volleyball, traveling, or even Fieldtrip’s Happy Hour trivia. He’s been a multiple Top 3 finisher in the annual Climb Nulu throwdown, has been recipient to several AIGA Judge’s choice awards, and has been recognized many times over by the AAF. He treats every endeavor with the highest regard and an opportunity to master a new skill or technique. In addition, Andrew loves being a teacher and guiding other designers and staff in new and unique ways of thinking. In fact, he challenges perspectives and pushes teammates and clients alike to bring their best to the table. He presents solutions that others have yet to think of and then leads the road to get there. It’s that type of bravery and unabashed determination that makes us proud to have Andrew as one of our creative leaders.

Andrew Spalding close up

Favorite Food

Hot Sauce

Favorite place you’ve traveled

Lyon, France

When you were little, what did you want to be

A paleoartist (Someone who draws dinosaurs)

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