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Biscuit Belly

The owners of LouVino, a restaurant with locations in Louisville, Cincinnati, and Indianapolis had long dreamed of bringing a biscuit restaurant to Louisville. They even had a few ideas about where they wanted to go, and what they wanted to see, but needed help solidifying their ideas and creating a brand that was homey yet big enough to expand.

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Biscuit Belly logo on yellow background
Biscuit Belly Rockwell Supreme sandwich Biscuit Belly loaded breakfast tots


Building as you go

In order to have a clear direction for the restaurant concept, we created a complete brand platform and visual identity to inform the stages of the restaurant development and to guide key decisions, such as the interior design and the name.

Biscuit Belly menu


Hand-drawn type and a biscuit man

Working with the client through our Survey process, we studied the competitors, both here in Louisville and other markets, conducted interviews and hosted a branding workshop. Together, we crafted a brand platform that fully supported the upcoming visual identity.

The identity was genuine and playful, utilizing a custom hand-drawn logotype that felt very southern and polished, yet the subtle texture and rough edges give it more of a handmade feel. When mixed with “biscuit man” illustrations, we see more of the mischievous side of the brand. The professional yet vibrant color palette brings the brand to life, especially when seen in the restaurant space.

Biscuit Belly business cards falling wide


Lined up and ready to go

Biscuit Belly mixes southern cooking with unexpected flavors, both to satisfy your belly and our curiosity, bringing genuine people together for good times and “damn good biscuits”. The restaurant opened for business in June 2019 and on many days have a line out the door. By July, the restaurant expanded and is now open seven days a week and continues to receive rave reviews.

Biscuit Belly multi-color biscuit faces
Biscuit Belly face winking above Damn Good Biscuits