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Commonwealth Theatre Center

In the summer of 2015, two of Louisville's most prolific youth theatre schools merged. For years, Blue Apple Players and Walden Theatre Conservatory offered some of the region's best theatre training. The Fieldtrip team needed to capture the strengths of both longstanding institutions under one comprehensive brand. We kicked-off the rebranding project by donning them a name. Inspired by interviews with staff, board members, past and present students, we dreamed up hundreds of candidates and then pared the list down to a few recommendations, with Commonwealth Theatre Center the name of choice.

Giving the name a face

With both brands under one name, we designed a look that stands for theatre education of all ages. The chosen mark represents the interaction, improvisation and creativity found in fundamental theatre education.

A Brand Built to Unify

The dedicated and talented staff of Blue Apple Players and Walden Theatre Conservatory needed a symbol of their unity. During the rebranding process the passion and thoughtfulness of everyone involved came through in the final product. In the end, a brand was created that encompasses both theatre education, and the joining of people with ideas to do great things.

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