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Conner Prairie

Conner Prairie is one of the largest outdoor museums in the Indianapolis area. It provides an experience that teaches children and adults history, science, art, and nature in an immersive environment simulating America’s pioneer times. In addition to daily activities, Conner Prairie hosts several community events throughout the year to broaden engagement and attract new audiences to the grounds.

Strategy Media Planning and Buying Campaign Development and Management Measurement


A holiday tradition at a new location and price

The 2019 holiday season brought a treasured holiday tradition, the Reynolds Farm Equipment Christmas Light Show, to a new location, Conner Prairie. The new “A Merry Prairie Holiday” combined the shimmering backdrop of a time-honored locale, with a long-standing community event. In addition, the Reynolds Farm Equipment Christmas was traditionally a free experience, but A Merry Prairie Holiday would be $20 a ticket.


A high frequency and hyper-focused approach

After studying audience segments and holiday focused event metrics, a media plan was crafted that would cater to this audience and drive conversion. The plan used a mix of mass media and hyper-focused digital tactics delivered at high frequency amongst Conner Prairie’s core audience group. Negotiations were made to capture additional value in the form of content that connected media to the extensive public relations efforts. The negotiated added value increased the impact of the radio, broadcast TV, and cable investment by 13%.


Ticket goals exceeded

As a result of the comprehensive plan, A Very Merry Prairie was the talk of the region. The news media and paid media came together to exceed goals. The goal of 18,000 tickets was quickly exceeded by 122% with 22,000 tickets sold.