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We all know a rebrand entails more than just a new name and shiny new logo. The rebrand to Fieldtrip came with new brand values, goals, and purpose. While many brand elements shape our company, our core value of “curiosity” stands out as a crowd favorite and serves as a guiding light for everything we do. A year into our new "life" as Fieldtrip, we decided it was time to share this value with our community in an unexpected way.

In true Fieldtrip fashion, we gathered as a team to brainstorm ways to spread this value of curiosity. Ideas ranged from insane, to “maaaybe,” to “that actually might be possible." Ultimately, we landed on the idea of a vending machine that accepted a unique currency: bravery. Over one hundred dares were placed on cards with “Do Something” buttons pinned to the fronts. The transaction was 100% free, the only cost was commitment.


Comfort zones shattered and people did something. Limbo lines appeared in the middle of crowded restaurants, people struck yoga poses left and right, drinks were bought for strangers, songs were belted, and the worm was wormed.

The machine was placed in 5 high-traffic areas over a four-week time period leaving a lasting impression at each location. The project was covered by local news stations, newspapers, magazines, and online publications, reaching an audience of 467,288. Our website traffic nearly tripled, generating several new-business leads. Organic reach on our social platforms increased by 166% from the previous period.

Making Connections

While increasing brand awareness and sharing our values in a unique way is nice, the greater outcome was bringing levity to those who interacted with the vending machine and reminding them of what’s really important: connecting with each other. ­

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