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KIPDA Rideshare: Brand, Website, and Marketing

Kentuckiana Regional Planning & Development Agency (KIPDA) offers a comprehensive ride-sharing program, Ticket to Ride. The program connects commuters with options that help their community and the environment by reducing single car occupancy commutes.

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Give tired and expired marketing a facelift

Most people did not know about Ticket to Ride. Plus, a lot of commuters didn’t even know what classified as ride-sharing. This may not be surprising as the program had not been actively marketed since 1997. So they needed help revitalizing the ride-sharing program in an effort to increase sign-ups and participation.

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From government program to people-powered movement

The first obstacle was the program name, Ticket to Ride, as consumers took it literally. With outdated design and communication efforts, media dollars would not be effective. The discovery led KIPDA to embark on an entire rebrand to better relate to their target audiences.

What was once a clichéd name supported by a very basic identity was reimagined as a bold, and colorful mark that draws much-needed attention to the new name: Every Commute Counts. Messaging was focused in a way that it made the need for sustainable commuter options more immediate and urgent. The brand was built as more of a grassroots movement than a government program.

The new website for Every Commute Counts integrates with TripSpark RidePro so commuters can track their commute and see the financial and environmental impact. A comprehensive media and event plan focused on three elements: brand awareness, activating commuters and attracting large employers. The plan focused on compelling creative elements and the following tactics: bus wraps, van wraps, bus shelters, gas toppers, radio, digital banners and streaming audio. Unique mail packages educate employers about the environmental and financial incentives of using Every Commute Counts to encourage employee registration.

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Driving change through the region

With a new site and a new look on the street (literally), Every Commute Counts launched at WFPK’s Waterfront Wednesday to a millennial audience that understands the importance of sustainability and the financial benefits of ride-sharing.

27 %
increase in public transit tracking
31 %
increase in registered users
287 %
increase in website visits
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