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National Stem Cell Foundation

One of the best things about branding is you get to see into worlds, industries, technology, and ideas that you've only heard about before. In the spring of 2016 we began the rebrand and our education in regenerative medicine with the National Stem Cell Foundation (NSCF). Since taking them on as a client, we have come to understand that the future of medicine and the cure for so many human illnesses is inside of all of us.

NSCF doesn’t perform research or create cures, they provide the vital funding, support, and communication needed to help world changing ideas become reality. To begin building an identity, we started by helping them form their purpose.

Yes, the research NSCF helps propel is awe inspiring but their previous branding wasn’t helping to create much of that wonder. The brand itself should have been doing more of the work.

With the brand platform and purpose redefined, the creative team at Fieldtrip could tee off on transforming incredible science into an incredibly strong brand. Art Director, Andrew Spalding, and the team began to explore how the endless possibilities in stem cells could be communicated visually. The end result was a brand mark that is a visual representation of the “regenerative” nature of stem cells. One single cell can grow and morph into anything. After a lot of study the brand became a part of inspiring the curiosity.

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