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National Stem Cell Foundation: Animated Video

National Stem Cell Foundation (NSCF) is a non-profit organization that funds adult stem cell and regenerative medicine research, connects children with limited resources to clinical trials for rare diseases, and underwrites the National STEM Scholar Program for middle school science teachers inspiring the next generation of STEM pioneers nationwide.

Check out the full case study for NSCF here.

Strategy and Planning Campaign Development and Management Video Production


Increasing awareness of a complex mission

NSCF is a complicated organization but needed an efficient way to both promote brand awareness and educate audiences on their complex array of services and goals. Increased awareness of their mission would be a crucial first step in increasing donation-based revenue coming from the website.


Three stories, one message

Storytelling has always been essential to the NSCF brand, so a short animated video would be the best way to connect the organization’s efforts. It had to be a cost-effective and efficient production, and above all, eye-catching. NSCF’s work is also somewhat abstract by nature, so animation offered the flexibility that video could not, and allows for more real estate to explain the organization. The animation flows seamlessly through each of the three areas of NSCF’s focus. Bookended by the stem cell logo it transitions from a classroom to a laboratory, to a hospital, telling the complex story of their mission in a quick and engaging manner.


Take the show on the road

The National Stem Cell Foundation is now equipped with an eye-catching tool to easily explain to their audiences the complexities of their mission and services. The video has been used across multiple platforms for both brand awareness and to prompt direct engagement and donations. In a recent ad campaign utilizing the video, clickthrough rate to the NSCF website was 159% higher than the industry average.

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American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA) Award