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National Stem Cell Foundation: Brand and Website

The National Stem Cell Foundation (NSCF) is a nonprofit organization with complex, audacious goals. The organization funds adult stem cell and regenerative medicine research, connects children to clinical trials for rare diseases, and underwrites a Scholar Program for middle school science teachers inspiring the next generation of STEM pioneers nationwide.

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Out of complexity, create purpose

The NSCF provides vital funding and support that helps make life-changing ideas a reality. However, their original branding and identity didn’t accurately communicate their purpose, and their missions and goals lacked purposeful alignment. In short, NSCF  needed a brand as inspiring as the medical miracles they help fund and they needed a new website in order to communicate their mission as well as to drive small private donations.

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From one cell, we can create anything

Through in-depth collaboration with the client, we identified one word that succinctly captures what both stem cells and NSCF can bring: HOPE.  Stem cell technology is still new in the medical world. Researchers are working to understand how to fight terminal diseases using stem cells. Hope is what drives researchers to keep researching, and patients to continue fighting.

We created a unique design pattern that allowed for an endless amount of ways to visually communicate the idea of hope using stem cell iconography. Because of the “regenerative” nature of stem cells, we illustrated how just one tiny little cell can grow into something truly amazing. Capitalizing on this approach grows a consistent, yet truly flexible visual library for the brand. We brought it all together in one concise mission statement: Funding cures, saving lives.

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An adaptive identity for powerful engagement

Our bold and flexible design and identity saw rapid adoption, both internally and with prospective donors. The new brand platform and identity design, along with the new website, continue to persuade users to learn more and become advocates of stem cell research, while also making it easier for them to donate. In the first thirty days of the new website, visitor sessions grew by 104%, 240 visitors signed-up for emails and the average donation went from $0 to $138, all without promotion or a public launch.

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