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Sharing America's Marrow

At 17, Sam Kimura was diagnosed with acute aplastic anemia, a blood cancer requiring a bone marrow transplant. Typically, family members are genetically compatible to donate, but Alex, Sam’s older sister, wasn’t a match. Channeling her frustration for good, Alex established Sharing America’s Marrow (SAM), a non-profit organization with a mission to recruit bone marrow donors across the country for Sam, and others like her in desperate need of a match.

Hitting the Road

Founders Sam, Alex and Taylor prepared to embark on a cross-country road trip to register potential donors. The SAM team needed branding that meshed their drive to find donors with their optimistic outlook, all while making a cheek swab approachable.

Creating a Movement

It was easy for Fieldtrip to craft a brand that match the SAM team's vibrant personality. The logo and visuals representing SAM's vigor, soon followed.

Branded material included bracelets, an award-winning website and a design for their cross-country van, Maggie. The Brand gave a nod to the heaviness of fighting cancer while letting Sam, Alex and Taylor’s adventurous spirit shine.

Though the road trip is over, the impact continues. The number of matches made in 2015 exceeded goals by 223% and continues to grow. SAM garnered national media exposure, along with national funding to continue recruiting heroes and saving lives.

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