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April 26, 2022

Mission Multiplier – The Millennial vs Gen Z Myth: Expectations

Jane Pfeiffer

Hello and welcome to Mission Multiplier. I’m Jane Pfeiffer, founder of Fieldtrip, and this video series is dedicated to helping purpose driven organizations close the gap between the people that they support and those that support them. So we’re continuing the conversation on the Millennial and Gen Z generations and some of the myths around these younger people. So how often have you heard or even said that millennials and Gen Z just aren’t like me? And this is said in a way that feels like it’s a bad thing. Don’t you think that our parents and grandparents said the same thing about us or whatever generation you’re in? So instead of criticizing the difference, let’s embrace it and talk through the benefits of doing so. So twice a year I meet with a peer group of agency owners. We’re similar in size from around the country, and we each bring a significant problem forward for group discussion and there is a very common recurring theme from other agency owners, and it’s almost always around people. It’ll go something like, These Millennials just don’t want to work hard. All they want are titles and flexibility. You know, that statement – it’s true, but it’s not a bad thing. It’s good. We know what they want. So 85% of my team calls in those to younger age groups. And yes, they do insist on having a healthy work and life balance. It’s not the status that matters so much. It’s the expectation to have a very clear path for what comes next. So that’s an obligation that we should offer or fulfill by offering a really clear career path and knowing what they’re going to get from our organization. Flexibility is another key expectation, and it’s critical to creating that balanced life. And from my perspective, these expectations are clear, they’re achievable, and they’re beautiful. Because a balanced life leads to happy, interesting people and fresh ideas because they aren’t tied down to trying to raise up the ladder of success and achieve more and more and more status symbols and clout. It’s about feeling good about the work that you are doing. So creating a clear career path, it helps everyone focus on skill growth. And this applies to volunteers and board of director members. Offering flexibility to employees increases productivity. I know that from the changes that we’ve implemented, the only thing wrong with millennials and Gen Z is they aren’t like us. And really, that’s not a problem with them. It’s a problem with us. Invest in the people. Think the best of those who don’t think and act like you. Because I know what happens when you do. You end up surrounded by a team of people that are willing to believe and invest in what you’re doing. And I take a group of investors over employees any day. So sign up for our weekly videos at Thanks and have a great week.