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We seek to make a positive impact on both our clients and our world. By working with partners who share our values, we have the opportunity to improve both their organization and the lives of others.

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Giving Everyone a Role to Play Louisville Metro Solid Waste Management: Anti Litter Campaign Evolving a Brand For an Evolving Community Louisville Youth Group Building Trust While Fighting Message Fatigue High Country Community Health: COVID Vaccination Campaign Growing Membership by Reducing Friction Portland Metro Chamber: Brand and Website Creating a Community of Empowerment for Women with IBD Girls With Guts: Brand Expansion and Website Prioritizing an Accessible Experience for Those in Need Central City Concern: Brand Expansion and Website Bringing Resources and Building Trust in Underserved Communities Louisville Metro Department of Public Health Covid-19 Campaign Making the Uncomfortable Understandable to Raise Awareness and Funds Oregon Child Abuse Solutions: Brand and Website Inspiring Young Diverse Audiences to Action Sharing America’s Marrow: Brand, Website, and Marketing Making a Controversial Topic Easy to Understand National Stem Cell Foundation: Brand and Website Using Video to Connect Disparate Audiences National Stem Cell Foundation: Animated Video Turning a Government Initiative Into a People Powered Movement KIPDA Rideshare: Brand, Website, and Marketing Relating Road Construction Frustration to Saving Lives Vision Zero: Brand and Marketing Enticing Audiences to a Digital Stage Louisville Ballet Season of Illumination: Brand and Marketing Generating Revenue and Raising Awareness with Statewide Pride Kentucky Parks and Crafts: Brand, Website, and Marketing Reflecting the Popular and Quirky Treasures of Kentucky Fourth Street “All Things Kentucky” Mural: Design and Illustration Making Urban Blight Into an Incredible Sight Resurfaced “Neato” Mural: Design, Illustration, and Production Embracing the Subjectivity of Design AIGA Louisville Awards: Brand and Marketing

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